Dumping games in the early '90s

Published on 2019-feb-14

(more like mid-early '90s)

Story time: some years ago, I downloaded a Mayhem in Monsterland dump. Whoever uploaded it clearly had just done LOAD "*",8,1 and called it a day because it wasn't even remotely a good dump (nor even just a crack dump): a quick look at the directory showed there was another game inside as well as a letter. The letter is what I want to talk about.

Here are the relevant parts of it (to screen readers users: I've transcribed the relevant part below)

Transcribing the part I want to talk about because the font is awful:

deadbone/breeze design: Yo bevan! I hope that you've still got your 64 left so that you can read this! hehe… OK, many thank for your send… Yes, you read right on the boot-text but I don't have a SNES, at least not yet… I wrote it there because that I've got some friends that have got wildcards and also because that Trasher will buy one soon. We're also able to get the latest SNES games as Surfer (the leader of Active) works as a game-reviewer for one of the absolute biggest newspapers in Sweden.

Therefore he gets all the new games for SNES/Sega (and more systems) directly from the importer to review them, and I don't think you have to guess long to understand that he of course makes backup copies of it all to himself!! He already supplied some Sega first-releases to Censor and Auartex! I'm thinking of buying a 24M wildcard & SNES myself as you see that I can get all the new games for it, but we'll see… I'm not such a big arcade freak, and most console games are in that range, so… But it would be cool anyway! I've heard rumors that backup systems for consoles will get illegal here in Sweden in the beginning of 94 so I have to think fast if I want one while it's legal to buy…

I saw some demo names on the list of your SNES stuff. I've never seen any console demos so could you please send some over, but wait until I've spent some HD disks over to you of course! I'll copy some SNES stuff for you as fast I can… but as I've got quite limited spare time it could take a while.

As you can see, Censor and Auartex (is that meant to be Avartex? going by the letter's spelling…) would get dumps of Mega Drive and SNES games directly from a game reviewer. Seeing as some Censor releases have been found to be prototypes, I thought I may as well bring this up.

For those curious (hello demoscene fellas!), here's the full letter: screenshot dump of letter